Red Sunrise creates Android apps for your Android phone. Presently we have three free apps out in the Android Market:

Chicago Police Radio - This FREE (and no ads!!) app streams the Chicago Police audio streams LIVE from to your phone. If you live in the Chicago area or just enjoy listening to big city police radio then this app is for you. You can choose to listen to all the zones at once or choose one of five different zones.. Also, there's a Chicago Police district map and feed notes for each stream.

New! Latest Version 1.5.1 -- Fixed Force Close crashes. Added Zone 1, districts 16 and 17, and Zone 11, districts 20 and 24.

Big City Scanning - Designed for the casual scanner listener, listen to the emergency communications of 36 of the largest and most popular US cities on LIVE on your Android phone. Police, Fire, and EMS. Complete with city info and feed notes. Simple, clean, easy to navigate, attractive interface. No ads, no bloated unneeded features. Hours of entertainment wherever you are!

NEW Version 1.2 -- All the feeds are fixed and updated, new color scheme, volume slider in portrait orientation, Gingerbread support.

Cities Included:

Custom MP3 Streamer - ** Consider this a BETA ** This is a simple app that lets you stream any MP3 stream you want just by entering the URL. The impetus behind this app was that there are some sites ( that do not let you use their streams in a 3rd party app. So in order to listen to the MP3 streams on I had to create this app to let me enter the stream URL manually, as I couldn't hard code it into the app. For example, enter for the stream source URL and you can listen to the JFK airport control tower audio. Or enter for the stream source URL and you can listen to the LAX airport control tower. If you run into a .PLS or .M3U file, just open those with notepad and the MP3 stream location(s) that may work may be in there. Of course it's not guaranteed to work with all streams.

Latest Beta Version 1.1.3 -- Now you can edit, rename, and delete memory presets! More bug fixes and changes.

Contact Red Sunrise at with any comments or questions.